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HBKU lectures explore architecture, education and domestic worker dynamics

Updated : Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 12:30:07 PM
An opportunity to learn more about the various spheres of Islam and Muslim societies
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Qatar(IAMINQATAR): The College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is hosting a series of explorative lectures as part of its ongoing outreach programme to offer the wider community an opportunity to learn more about the various spheres of Islam and Muslim societies.

Dr Bernard O’Kane, professor of Islamic art and architecture at the American University in Cairo, recently delivered a lecture on Stars and Symmetry: The Name of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Architectural Inscriptions, during which he took the audience on a journey across Egypt, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and beyond, exploring the various designs, materials, and expressions of Arabic calligraphy inscribing the name of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on 11th to 16th century architecture in the region.

Forthcoming lectures will include a talk by guest lecturer, Dr Nasser El-Din Saidouni from the Doha Institute of Graduate Studies, who will address The Impact of the Curricula of Muslim Scholars on Europe, today. Education Leadership: Moving from Research to Action will be the topic explored by Dr Asmaa al-Fadala, director of research and content development at the World Innovation Summit for Education on March 18. Dr al-Fadala will elaborate on the local and global understanding of educational leadership with a specific focus on Qatar. From Qatar University, Dr Batul Khalifa, associate professor of mental health, and Dr Hasan Yashou, assistant professor of objectives of Shari’ah, will address The Phenomenon of Domestic Servants and their Social and Cultural Effects, on March 20. The lecture will consider the psychological attitudes of domestic workers when childminding, from a comparative Islamic thought perspective. Dr Emad El-Din Shahin, dean of CIS at HBKU, said, “All of our lectures aim to cover a broad range of topics and contribute to a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslim societies in all of their aspects.”

Courtesy  : gulf-times.com
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