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Last Updated : 19 December 2018

Dhow Cruising in Doha Qatar

Dhow Cruising is a popular activity in Qatar. It is a popular sport and a recreational activity to relax mind and soul. A dhow was originally a traditional wooden sailing boat, used by merchants. But now, it includes latest amenities for tourists to make their journey more comfortable.

The traditional wooden boats or dhows of the Gulf can be seen along Doha Corniche, in the fishing harbours of Al Khor and Al Wakra. The designs of the boat vary depending on its use, and are given an Arabic name. The fishing boats with domed traps are called Gargoor, and are lowered to seabed overnight. They were originally made of palm ribs, and are now formed from galvanized pipe and netting. The low walls of limestone in shallow waters seen in Al Wakra and along Qatar’s northern shores are inter-tidal fishing traps, called Maskar.

In Qatar, Dhow cruising attracts tourists, and helps in promoting tourism. Local tour companies help in organizing private trips on large dhows, wherein you get to enjoy a barbecue, or go swimming, listening to music, or fishing.

The Corniche Bay in Qatar is a popular tourist spot for Dhow cruising. Tourists also visit islands like Palm Tree Island, located off the shore. The days for sail are allocated according to the choice of the guest.

Dhow cruising in Qatar is also inclusive of fine meals served in a hospitable atmosphere. The best time to go on a cruise is at noon, as tourist can also choose a dinner cruise. Dinner cruise ensures a luxurious dining in a wooden dhow. The night dhow cruising  will prove to be a memorable one.

Dhow cruising is one of the best opportunities for a tourist to view the beautiful surroundings, while also enjoying the trip.

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