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Last Updated : 19 December 2018

Islands in Qatar

The Palm Tree Island

Palm Tree Island is just ten minutes boat ride from the Corniche, with good amenities for vacationers, water sport facilities, cafes, restaurants and beaches. 

Ishat Island

It is located in the South-east of the country, covering about 20 sq. kilometers in area. It consists of three flat-topped islets that are bordered with cliffs, and two detached rocks.

Shrao's Island

The island is just three hours apart from Doha, by speed boat and is a haven for seabirds. It is positioned about 48 kilometers towards north-east of Ishat Island, has many hummocks and rises to 36.5’. It also has a sandy beach with number of turtles and a small fringed reef.

Haloul Island

This hilly island has excellent fishing grounds in its surroundings and rises to 190 feet. Its seabed comprises of plenty of coral reefs and beautiful coral fishes that provide a wonderful opportunity for scuba divers who love to observe marine life.

Al-Safia Island

The island is fifteen minutes by boat from Doha, and is more of a tourist resort, though small in size.

Alia Island

Located along the west, the Alia Island, compliments the Al-Safia Island, and is a small land mass covering a little more than two square kilometers of area.

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