11Aug 2020

Acorn Nursery

Location : Doha
Established : 2011
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PO Box 22698, Doha, Qatar
(+974) 403-87-684, (+974) 447-13-597 | 5066-2510
About Acorn Nursery

We are an English-speaking, British-managed international nursery school following the English National Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). This is enhanced by the inclusion of good practice from around the world, including the local Arabic language and culture.

Each child is special and treated as an individual. Our staff provide a learning programme tailored to the individual learning and developmental needs of each child.

The curriculum is coordinated by an experienced and fully qualified British Lead Teacher with recent experience of managing a nursery in the UK. She brings with her extensive knowledge of the EYFS and current UK best-practice. She plays a key role in staff training, as well as ensuring consistency of teaching practice and quality across all classes and all branches of Acorn Nursery.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. It is the stautory framework for England, meaning that all nurseries and school Foundation Stage classes (sometimes referred to as Reception classes) in England are required by law to follow the EYFS.

At Acorn Nurseries, we use the EYFS as the basis for everything we do although we have to adapt it in places to meet local requirements and cultural expectations. For example, we include some Arabic in our curriculum while some of the specific references in the EYFS to English law and legal requirements are not relevant. We have well equipped rooms with a wide range of age appropriate books and resources. The emphasis is on natural materials, so you will see a lot of imported wooden furniture especially designed in the UK for use in Early Years education.

Children are encouraged to be creative and use their imaginations, with the teaching day revolving around activity areas and child-centred learning. Classrooms are designed to stimulate this through arts and crafts, small world activities, construction and much more. The outside play areas have extensive shading and special safety flooring. They contain ride-on toys, role play equipment, water play and a sandpit. These areas assist children to develop physically with room to move about, play games and explore the world around them. Each nursery has its own full time nurse on site to safeguard the wellbeing of all the children.

Camps are a chance for the children to take a break from their normal nursery routines. Class groups and teaching staff are re-arranged so children have the chance to interact with a wider social set and a broader range of ages in a fun, stimulating atmosphere. However, the learning still continues as children interact with each other and their surroundings under the close supervision of our well qualified staff.

Leadership:Lyn Webster
Number of staffs:NA
Number of Students:NA
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