22Sep 2020

Al Khuloud Nursery

Location : Doha
Established : 1987
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P.O Box 1736, Doha Qatar
+(974) 4486 5405 / 4498 9377
About Al Khuloud Nursery

Formerly known as Don Bosco our nursery was established as a small day care center in 1987 by Mrs. Maria Fernandes with 3 students. That very same nursery today under the name of Al- Khuloud is a fully fledged nursery with more than a hundred students from different cultures and backgrounds.

At Al Khuloud we concede that the first few years of a child at school is as important as its first few years at home. It is a time when young children develop their skills in various fields like language, fine motor and gross motor, social, emotional and self help. This calls for developmentally appropriate practice and teaching techniques and requires a child friendly environment; what could be a better place to experience all of this under one roof than Al – Khuloud nursery!

Since the faculty under the supervision and guidance of Mrs. Maria Fernandes treat each and every child with love and affection just like any mother would care for her child, offers them a positive learning environment and at the same time make them feel at home here. Thus, providing your child with a meaningful learning experience. This will not only boost his/her academic performance in future but will help develop your child’s self –esteem and prepare him/her for future life skills as well. We encourage you to explore our website to learn about our activities and programs that will deliver joy and enrichment for your children on a daily basisand will prepare them for school and for life.

Our friendly and warm environment will make your child feel well at home. Each of our classrooms are well – equipped and charmingly decorated to create a fun and nurturing atmosphere that will stimulate learning and exploration for your child. Our staff ensures that each child receives personal attention and his / her needs are well taken care of. At Al – Khuloud we also lay emphasis on your child’s safety and consider it our most important role. Your little one may not think about it, but rest assured, your child teachers are always thinking safety first. While your child is happily playing, busy learning, singing, painting and growing you can take comfort in our commitment to provide a safe environment every day.


The State of Qatar is growing rapidly in terms of an economy, and a country as a whole. The oil and gas industry contributes leaps and bounds to the prosperity of this Nation, the leaders of Qatar H.H the Emir and his cabinet of ministers have realized that in order to ensure sustainability of this growing nation it is important to focus on development of knowledge based economy as per Qatar’s Vision 2030.

Al Khuloud Nursery is proud to have been given an opportunity by the State of Qatar to contribute to the education scenario in this country at a grass root level. We strive at Al Khuloud to bring out the best in our students as we believe they are the future. We are committed to instilling the values, culture, language and religion of Qatar to our students as we expand our facilities and grow as an institution.

In future, we would like to expand our facilities and develop into a full-fledged nursery. We would be interested to offer Arabic and Islamic studies as a subject to our students. We would also, embrace qualified Qatari females who would like to pursue a career in teaching and child care. Therefore, empowering women in the region.

Al Khuloud Nursery is always looking for opportunities where it can expand to contribute further to the society of Qatar whether it may be providing quality education to children to help establish a foundation for lifelong success or by ensuring a secure, nurturing, and educational childcare experience for parents. As you might have already read our Nursery had opened doors for students in the year 1987 and has not looked back since then. Today we are proud to be a registered nursery in the state of Qatar under the Ministry of Social affairs.

We are thankful, to the State of Qatar and it’s departments for helping us grow at every stage and ensuring we have a good reputation amongst our stakeholders. They have been a true guide in improving our facilities and operations through the regular checks and feedback they provide. Over the years a lot of changes have taken place here at Al- Khuloud because change is a universal factor but, our teaching techniques and the warm environment that our teachers create for children is and will always remain constant.

While your child is happily learning, playing, sliding and exploring, the teachers never stop working to ensure your Childs safety whether on the playground or in the classroom. Our playground is built with child – friendly soft flooring and toys designed for appropriate physical development. Our playground is cleaned and inspected daily. Our classrooms are well decorated and equipped with child size and friendly furniture to avoid accidents and ensure outmost safety for your child. Teachers follow strict standards to maintain a sanitary environment. These include regular washing of hands, toys, cribs, mattresses, sheets, blankets and equipment. All our toilets are child size toilets. Our restrooms are also equipped with child – size sinks.

Our Nutritionist is also responsible for the nutritional health of the children. She is responsible to organize a meeting with the nursery management to discuss ways to improve child health. This includes ways to educate parents on how to prepare healthy meals and the importance of introducing healthy eating habits from a young age in order, promote sound physical and mental development.

Our nursery has a policy where we do not allow children to bring chips, soft drink, nuts and fasts foods as a part of their snacks to the nursery. We also have a provision where food bought by the children can be refrigerated and, warmed to ensure food is fresh, nutritious and tasty when presented to the children.

The nursery also has 2 main meal timings one for breakfast and lunch. However, there are regular periods of rest when children can eat a few snacks. The parents are informed about this during the time of registration and, are encouraged to send different snacks and food for children.

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