11Aug 2020

Calgary International Pre-School

Location : Doha
Established : NA
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Al Bustan Villa #1 and 2, Al Waab Area, Aspire Zone St. Buildings: 44 and 46, Zone: 55; Street No: 229 P.O.Box: 13079, Doha Qatar
(+974) 4416-1760
About Calgary International Pre-School

The founders of the Calgary International Pre-School (CIPS) are strong believers in the Bright Green environmental movement. Which is an ideology based on the belief that the union of technological change and social innovation provides the most successful path to sustainable development. Bright Green environmentalism aims to provide prosperity in an ecologically sustainable way through the union of the new technologies, improved environmental design, and global citizenship. The combination of well-built communities, new technologies and sustainable living practices, can actually improve the quality of life even while ecological footprints shrink.

The early stage of the human life is the perfect start to well-built communities and sustainable living practices establishment. This is where the idea of CIPS was born. CIPS was established in 2010 as an ideal place for practicing the bright green environment. Finding a safe, eco-healthy, clean-air atmosphere, warm, nurturing environment that promotes the growth and development of the child as a whole. The founder of CIPS holds a PhD in environmental science. She builds the school according to the international (Canadian, American, and European) safety standards and is responsible for planning and implementing an environmentally friendly and developmentally appropriate curriculum for the school.

CIPS takes great pride in building a solid base for future learning with our unique, exclusive Green Start curriculum. We are a fully licensed Pre-School, dedicated to providing a happy, safe environment for your child to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally. Green Start is our vow to practice and teach children the importance of being environmentally friendly while adhering to the renowned Canadian Alberta Early Childhood Curriculum one of the best in the world – letting babies naturally be babies, and letting children learn through creative and fun learning experiences. ?At CIPS we welcome children from 2 months to 4 years old of all nationalities and go beyond the syllabus to nurture laughter and creativity, and help children to be the best they can be.

Our preschool is a bright, beautiful place furnished and stocked for the complete development of a child. There is a harmony of light and color with a refinement of spirit to ensure our students are able to grow and develop in a safe and happy environment. Our Green Start approach is aptly named; through our programs we endeavor to be toxin-free, use sustainable resources, encourage healthy food for kids, and teach children eco-friendly lessons. We invite parents to visit our recycling room and to share with us some ideas regarding our 4R policy (reuse, reduce, recycle and respect).

CIPS’s eco-friendly environment developed a relaxed and well-disciplined atmosphere supported by:

  • Highly trained teachers with up-to-date comprehensive first-aid medical courses, specifically for babies and children.
  • A full time on-site nurse.
  • An integrated Green Start curriculum with eco-friendly concepts.
  • Full time clinical psychologist on-site, to evaluate the need of each child individually.
  • A dedication to determining and improving the capabilities, proficiencies and talents of each child in all sections of the curriculum.
  • A focus on helping children develop a sense of right and wrong as foundation for relationships, alongside the consideration of rights, feelings and well being of others.
  • The interior flooring has very low VOC (volatile organic chemicals) and is made of 100% recyclable materials, fire resistant and sealed with fungi and bacteria sanitized treatment for hygienic purposes.
  • Our indoor and outdoor toys are non-toxic.
  • The outdoor exterior rubber flooring is free from lead and mercury adhering to European and Canadian safety standards.
  • Outdoor play equipment was designed according to the highest U.S. standards of quality and safety.
  • Thoughtfully selected classroom furnishings are made primarily from sustainably harvested wood.
  • Our cleaning products and tissue paper are biodegradable, safe, and environmental friendly according to the German standards.
  • We use aromatic organic oils in our indoor air purifying and refreshing systems.
  • School based recycling system of reduce, reuse and recycle is practiced daily as a natural part of our Educational commitment.
  • All our play-dough and paint is made in house from food materials and coloring.
  • A dedication to enabling our children to make a positive contribution to our multicultural society by learning respect for themselves, other people and the planet. Teaching children to take an active role in caring for themselves, learning independence and basic skills that are a necessary part of growing up and becoming happy, healthy and well adjusted young adults.
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