24Sep 2020

Kanga's Pouch Nursery

Location : Doha
Established : 1920
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222, Hazm Al Markhiya Street.Doha-Qatar
+974 4416 8931, 7788 6171
About Kanga's Pouch Nursery

Welcome to Kanga’s Pouch Nursery, your child’s little piece of home away from home, wherever in the world home may be. It is a place where learning and play go hand in hand. A place where little people do big things and are valued as individuals, unique in their own right.

We believe children should spend every day feeling SAFE and LOVED, often SMILING, always SIGNIFICANT and never missing the opportunity to DEVELOP to their full potential…

Our mission is to create a beautiful, nurturing, learning environment in which your child can develop and grow. We provide a friendly, inclusive atmosphere in which our children are happy, engaged and communicative; where safety is paramount, and our qualified staff are valued, calm and approachable. We seek to cultivate good behaviour and cooperation amongst the children, foster sensitivity towards others and their feelings, and work hard to develop every child's self-esteem and confidence, all whilst they develop the skills they need to succeed at school.

The nursery is set in the 1920’s Hundred Acre Wood and based on the original A,A. Milne classic, Winnie the Pooh. The woods are an enchanted place filled with sunshine and woodland scents, where children love to play and learn. It is a place where the finer details, the little things, are considered most important.

 At Kanga’s Pouch, we offer excellent staff to child ratios and recruit teaching staff with qualifications and experience in the field of early childhood education. All of our lovely staff speak English and teachers/management are mostly native English speakers. We also have some European language speakers as well as Arabic speaking staff also. Our staff are police checked from their country of origin and from Qatar to ensure they are safe to work with or around children. Our staff are either fully qualified in early childhood education or are in the process of completing their certifications and all of our ladies pass the test for care and sincerity towards the positive growth and development of young children. We emphasise the need for native English speaking staff to enhance language development in the early years.

Our management team are well versed in their respective fields. The team share a keen focus on the early years and providing a service that hopes to be among the best in Doha. Homayra oversees the nursery with the support of Hadeir and Grace our two nursery managers. Guada takes charge of everything medical, health and nutrition related.

At Kanga’s Pouch, we are educators. What we do is important to us and we do not short change on quality. We are founded by a teacher and operated by teachers, early childhood specialists or certified professionals working in the area of young children. Our structured planning takes on a play-based approach and tailored to the abilities and interests of the individual child. Our staff to child ratios begin at 1:2 for babies aged 2 months to 9 months to 1:5 for children aged 36 to 48 months.

All aspects of early development are enriched through thematic play. Themes are ever changing and based directly on the interests of the children. Children will also be accessing touch-screen 77” interactive whiteboards when learning is a little more structured. We have invested highly in globally recognised phonics/reading schemes, music programs and health and fitness initiatives.

Social and emotional development in little one’s is crucial to ensuring happy, successful children at school. A child’s survival at school depends on their self-esteem and level of confidence. We promote all aspects of social and emotional development by encouraging positive behaviour, co-operation and sensitivity towards others. We spend a great deal of time emphasising this throughout various activities throughout the day.

Leadership:Homayra Billah
Number of staffs:NA
Number of Students:NA
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