24Sep 2020

Petits Pas Nursery

Location : Doha
Established : 2008
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Petit Pas Nursery Al Owaina St, Doha
+974 44834250 / +974 55818804 / 66805203
About Petits Pas Nursery

Founded in April 2008 at West Bay Qatar, Petits Pas Nursery opened doors to welcome children ages 3 months up to 4 years old.

Here, we have the resources, experience, space, time and energy to provide each child a warm and safe recreational/educational space allowing each child to grow, to acquire their own autonomy, confidence, self- esteem and social skills.

Mission & Approach

The educational concept is structured around several axes:

  • To create an adequate recreational/educational place, warm, welcoming and safe secondary home.
  • To offer the child a place to live taking into consideration his psychic, emotional and physiological needs.\
  • To provide children with stability, continuity and diversity.
  • To develop individual and institutional projects in relation with parents, team and external stakeholders.
  • To develop the potential of the child through a unique method constituted by the synthesis of educational projects both European and American.


The educational project of Petits Pas Nursery is to promote the development of each child, respecting his rhythm of life and offering him the best practice of welcoming. In this way, we accompany children towards a gradual acquisition of autonomy which will then facilitate their integration into the school and the world around them. Our staff is in close collaboration with the family and we make sure to:

  • Offer to each child an individualized welcome by frequent communication with the parents on their arrival and departure times.
  • Develop and stimulate creativity, fulfillment and awakening through educational activities.
  • Accompanying the child towards his autonomy and his schooling by respecting the psychomotor, intellectual and emotional development of each child.
  • To promote children’s physical and verbal expression through music, dance and reading.
  • Respect the physiological rhythm of the child (sleep, eating, playing, etc.)
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Number of Students:NA
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